Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hula Hoop Love

I was never able to hula hoop as a child. I just didn't work right to do it. Not many of my friends could hula hoop either. Over the years I have bought a hoop or two for A to play with in the pool - makes a great way to practice diving. Other than that, hula hoops were not around until...... RACHEL!  Rachel is a friend from our homeschool group that does fantastic things with trash. She and her kids have the most beautiful hula hoops I have seen. They are huge thick monsters that have multicolored gilttery coloring to them.  She made me want one.  Her secret is that she MAKES them!  Yup, she MAKES them. Hula hoops are something that I never knew you could actually make. I mean, if I stopped to think about it, I would probably figure out that someone somewhere did make one once upon a time, but I have never know anyone who actually made their own before.

Rachel was kind enough to lend us a Hula Hoop for A and C and my niece L who is visiting.  We have had them since last Friday and before that, no one in my family could Hula Hoop worth a darn. Now:

See what I mean? It's the glittery hoops. Actually, I think it's just my kid. She's talented.

Makes me want to either buy a hoop from Rachel or figure out a way to import glittery tape and make some of my own.

Thanks Rachel! You have now created a Hula Hooping monster. Kiki, move over!

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