Thursday, 3 May 2012

Learning how to be a Gypsy

A Flaming Gypsy that is! The last PE Day that we had for the homeschoolers was a blast!  Kiki and her band of flaming gypsy girls came and showed our kids how to move and groove with hula hoops.  A was super excited to have Kiki, LaurelLee, and Kelly there to work their stuff. The ladies, got all the kids out on the basket ball court and pretty quickly the kids were doing some fun hula hoop moves, using the Poi and basically having fun while exploring a new skill. 

At first the boys and older high schoolers were resistant to hooping in front of others, but Kiki got them into a big circle and we learned how to make circles with our bodies and then we played a quick game of ball juggling where each child had to toss a ball to someone else while calling out their name. Once the first ball was halfway through the circle, another ball was thrown into the mix until there were 3 or 4 balls going at the same time.  After a while, the groups switched, and even the “I’m too cool for this” boys were hula hooping.  I call that success – don’t you?

Probably the best thing to come of Kiki and her lovely ladies visiting us is that they would like to start a kids troupe, so of course A is SUPER SUPER excited!  A few other parents that I have talked to want to have their children join so I predict that if we can keep the momentum going there will be some gypsettes by the next parade.  How fun is that? Even C got in on the action.

If you want to see Kiki in action, she will be at the Comanche Mill at sunset this Friday during Jump Up.  She also holds open practice sessions every Tuesday starting at 7 at Above the Cliff on the Northshore. Hope to see you there some time!

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