Tuesday, 31 July 2012

3, REALLY???

3 is just mind boggling. I mean 3! I cannot believe we are at 3.  It’s just one more than 2, but 3… whatever will we do? How will we handle it?  Bet you think I’m talking about 3 kids, huh? While I would love to be pregnant again – I know, I am one of those sicko women who LOVE being pregnant, we are not.  Which is just fine with me.  I mean, I have two hands and we are a two parent household and while when pregnant I feel great and love it, I just don’t think I could another child while having one under 5 in the house…..

So, what’s with 3? Today is C’s birthday and he is 3.  I can hardly believe that he is 3 now. He is so BIG. He talks, tells stories, tells lies(sigh), plays by himself, feeds himself, and is a BIG boy as he told me the other day. He is OBSESSED with being big and not a baby – how did that happen? He views other kids that are shorter than him as “babies awww”. It’s really funny.

When he was born, I had zero idea of what to do with a boy baby other than feed and change him as required. I wasn’t prepared for the fundamental differences between boys and girls – and yes, there are. I had no idea how funny he could be, or that he would CONSTANTLY keep me on my toes. I had no idea that the little miniature human being that came out of me would grow into such a MOOSE or have such personality, or be so LOUD!

Luckily, I like boy stuff like dead animals(as long as we don’t bring their stinking carcasses inside), I like mud, and wrestling, I like digging, and playing so hard that we drop exhausted in the car. I enjoy the made up stories of lions, bears, and dinosaurs. I like pretending that we are cowboys. I love the cuddles and all the kisses. I love the wide eyed wonder of this age. I love that he likes to help in the kitchen, or help clean, or just help. 
I still have no idea what to do with his boy bits when he comes to tell me stories about what it did….. I have no idea how to answer for him why they are different sizes or how to stop his obsession with them (I hear  know that the obsession NEVER stops).  And the DRAMA – REALLY!!! – I thought boys were stoic?!?! Mine is a DRAMA queen when he doesn’t get what he wants – it drives me NUTS!

Now that I’ve had him for three years, I wouldn’t give him back nor want to trade him in for the fairer sex.  There are times, however when I would gladly tie him up and sit down with a BIG glass of wine and just be alone.   Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my child and I know that one day he will be all grown up and leave the house and I will be sad, but just once in awhile I need time with a rational human being like his sister.

So, on the anniversary of the day you were born – in 18 minutes from water breaking to touchdown – you have been a joy and a trial. You have brought laughs and tears, you have been a great playmate to your sister and a complete pest. You are a boy and you LOVE vehicles and animals. You are rough and gentle.  May your spirit of adventure, your kindness, your imagination, and your wonderful comedic personality continue to carry you on and serve you well as you grown.


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