Thursday, 16 February 2012

I’m the Biggest thing in the Ocean toddler activity

The other day, we went down to the public library for our bi monthly library run.  It seems like every time we go to the library, we stumble across a new book or two. This time, not olnly did A find some new books, but I found a GREAT new book for C called “I’m the Biggest thing in the Ocean” by  Kevin Sherry. 

C LOVES this book, he especially loves then end where the squid gets eaten by the whale.  Personally, I think he loves it because I give the squid a surf guy voice. Since he loves this book so much, I decided to make him some play items to go with the book. 

I photocopied the characters – not all of them mind you, but the key ones, laminated them and then glued magnets to the back so he could play with them on the fridge.  At least, that was the idea.... the copies laminated well, but the magnetic tape just doesn't stick. I KNEW I should have sprung for the actual magnets.  When you laminate something twice, home use non heat sealed laminate doesn't work so well.  It is worth the hassle to have it professionally done.  All in all, the whole play set has been fun.  C likes to play with the magnets and have the squid say “I’m the biggest...”. 

I learned a few things by making these magnetics. 
  1. My Xyron 900, does a good job laminating as long as you don't double laminate
  2. The rolls of magnetic tape don't stick to plastic laminate or anything else, buy the actual magnets
  3. Hot glue doesn't stick to laminate either
  4. Pay for the laminate job at Office Max - it's worth it
  5. Invest in a roll of laminate with magnetic backing from Xyron

 I did happen to see the same idea but in felt - I think it's time for another project soon - a felt story board. The possibilities for A to act out books for C, for A to do little project based plays with it, and for C to learn things like colors, letters, and counting are endless.  That would of course mean creating all the felt stuff to go with the board, but a few well placed Etsy buys might make my life easier and let me get it done faster too.

Check out the book(if we ever return it). Your toddler is sure to love it.  

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