Thursday, 9 February 2012

Valentine’s Day craftiness

Valentine’s Day is coming up QUICKLY!  Every year, while in school, A made cards for her classmates.  This year, I was in a quandary as to what to do for a Valentine’s Day celebration and card exchange.

The other night, while doing a late night search on homeschooled penpals for A, I stumbled across what seems to be a great group with members across the US and in other places (Australia, UK, etc).  I joined up and while searching the old postings found a Valentine’s day card exchange, so what did I do? I signed up to do the exchange with A.  Once we got our list, I thought “Holy moly! That’s a lot of kids!”  On the list were over 20 kids.  Not bad you say, but in A’s school her class size was not more than 15 and we hand make our cards.  Now, they aren’t anything fancy, just paper, markers, glitter, and a few doodads thrown together, but STILL; 20+ cards to make to mail out by Thursday!!! What was I thinking?

Finished crayons cooling.
Two nights ago, A and I whipped out a few different styles of cards. We got our inspiration from various sites on the internet.  I think the bug are the cutest.  We also decided to send out homemade crayons (I KNOW, leave well enough alone and just send the darn cards,right?) Yesterday we all(yes, even C helped) have been busy peeling old crayons, breaking them apart, placing them in mini muffin tins, and melting them.  The house smells like melted wax, has glitter ALL over, and the paper scraps are blowing in the wind…. Yes, the house is messy (and the smell is killing me), but A is happy, we have been creative, and I am pretty sure we will meet our mailing deadline of today - unless of course I decided to make something else to put in each card.....

Go make something!

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