Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Super Yummy Frozen Fruit Pops

 “Hello, my Name is Alex, and I am addicted to kitchen gadgets.”   I will admit it, I am a kitchen gadget freak.  I love cookie cutters, my Kitchen aid stand mixer, and baking forms. Recently I have been drooling over the Zoku Frozen Pop maker.  I mean, come on, ice pops in 7minutes?! How awesome is that.  Of course being the cheapo – umm frugal – person that I am, I refuse to buy it, and since the kids have been asking me for ice pops, I went ahead and puled out my old ice pop form and bought a new one at Plaza too.  I mean, really, how far can 4 ice pops go? We need 8 at least.
It has been ice pop central here at Casa McStay.  Since little Monster is a super picky eater – only now does he eat the crowns off broccoli despite being served it every 3 days or so for the last year of his life… sigh.  I decided that I would make super yummy frozen fruit pops.  They are terribly easy to make and both kids ADORE them and they are GOOD for you!

Basically you need, fruit, a juice base, and patience.  Today I made virgin mango strawberry pina colada pops.  Super easy.  Here’s how you do it:

Fruit and juice base:
Pina Colada juice mix – in our case it was a left over pitcher of the base from this weekend when Stephen got a hankering for Painkillers, and made the wrong mix…..

Pop molds:

Cut up your fruit, stick it in the molds, place popsicle sticks in mold, pour in juice, freeze, and REPEAT.  I got tired of constantly making them and decided to batch them, so as soon as these guys are ready, I will make up a new batch and stick them in a ziplock baggie in the freezer, that way there are always some around.


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