Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tilapia and Sheep

How do those two go together?  Usually they don’t – unless of course you are doing some sort of kooky fusion dish, but even then, it might be bit odd....

Our Group with Ms. Smith.
They do go together if you do a field trip to UVI to learn about aquaponics, tilapia rearing, and meat sheep raising.  That is exactly what we did with a bunch of other home schooled children.  I didn’t do a head count but I bet we had about 20 kids from C who is 2.5 to some older kids of about 14.  Yes, that was a big age difference but they all seemed to absorb information, and the presenters were FANTASTIC (Thank you Sarah Smith and Sue Lakos)!

Aislin took what she learned and did a photo journal where she glued down pictures and then journaled about what she learned.  She also added some graphics about interesting things such as a fish life cycle, a map of where Tilapia and Dorper sheep come from (Africa), how fish reproduce, and how sheep mate.  I didn’t pick the topics – she did and I am more than comfortable enough to let her research them.  I am also going to let her tell you, in her own words about what she learned.

So, without further ado, here is Aislin’s story:

I think the field trip was interesting because I learned about the Tilapia and Sheep. The  way Tilapia reproduce is interesting because the Mother Tilapia  carries the frys in her mouth.

Journal pics:

She has written and written on this field trip so I think she is a little burned out and just didn’t want to write anymore.  Plus hunting and pecking just doesn’t make typing fun, does it?  I have included pics of her journal.  She did a really good job with it, and I can’t wait to do another field trip so she can add to her journal. It was fun to create.
The younger boys looking at St. Croix Sheep.

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