Monday, 12 December 2011

Ah piece a pork.

I love our Christmas carols here. They are completely original and you won't find them anywhere else North of here.  They are witty, sarcastic at times, and quite uplifting.  Once you have lived here and herd our Christmas songs, no Christmas celebration is complete without them :)  I have been playing our Christmas music nonstop here, and even the kids now know the refrain from "Ah wan a piece a pork"  by Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights!  Yes, you read right, there is a Christmas song about eating pork.

It was a great moment at the boat parade on Saturday when the C-Hunter passed by, all lighted up,  with this song playing and the whole crowd erupted into song and dance. Everyone form young to old started singing and swaying, and flowed form one Crucian Christmas carol into another.  I did appreciate the irony that what unified us was a song about wanting to eat pork, not the birth of Christ, not giving him glory, but eating pork!

Here is the song by another group, if I could find the Stanley song, I would link it, but it's not on here.  This one is pretty good too though :) Another fun Stanley song is this one: Mamacita.  For a more sedate calypso song try this one out: Christmas in St.Croix.

Enjoy, and don't forget to eat pork :)

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