Monday, 26 December 2011

The Day After

Here it is, Christmas Second Day.  This is the day we use to recover from all the festivities that happened yesterday. It is 3 days away from the first day of Village, the day to relax on the beach, eat leftovers, put away Christmas gifts, and tackle the mountains of dirty dishes in your kitchen.  Although we had family over for dinner yesterday and we didn't make everything for the meal, it feels like my kitchen didn't get that particular memo:

Somehow last night after going to bed, the dirty dishes multiplied - it must be like chicken math... there are never the same amount of chickens twice when you are counting them.  I swear dirty dishes are like that.  You go to bed and WHAM! they get crazy and multiply and divide on you.... there is a math lesson in there.  When you figure it out, let me know so I can explain it.

The kids gifts haven't followed that rule, there are still the same amount of gifts, but the old ones have joined forces and multiplied, so finding places to out them becomes impossible until the new toys throw up their hands in disgust and give in.  I swear I just cleaned out the kids rooms and made loads of space, now if only I can find where it went...... Oh, and if the heard of very large Elephants would move out while I am at it, I would be grateful, cause boy do those wreck havoc on the bedrooms when they get together to play.

Of course, the up side is that the fridge is stocked for the next few days.  Sadly, I think we will get tired of leftovers before they are done, but that is why we have freezers right?  If I can only figure out what do do with leftover pork to make it interesting by day 3 then I will be set. Maybe enchiladas or burritos, or maybe I can do something Chinese or Thai that would be different.  Although, pork enchiladas dripping with green salsa and swiss cheese sounds really yummy right about now.

Today, after I clean up the million and one dishes in my kitchen and evict the elephants we are going to go out to Cane Bay and party with some of A and C's friends - if it isn't raining.  Heck, even if it is raining here, we may just take the drive and see if it's sunny there - because you know, this is an island and things like that happen here.  So, however you spend your Christmas Second Day, enjoy your time  with your family, adopted elephants, and anyone else who may happen to cross your path!  Rest up, cause in just a few days you will need that energy in order to get through the New Year's rush.

Sit back, have a glass of Coquito, and enjoy the leftover Christmas energy from yesterday.

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