Friday, 2 December 2011

Friday Joys

The older kids always play some form of organized game.
Today is Friday.... what does that mean for us here? Well, since it is PE Day that means we get to go run around with a bunch of other homeschooled kids  and get sweaty - oh yes, sweaty! It is December after all, and the sun is shinning, there isn't a cloud in sight, and it's about 83 out - oh?! That isn't normal for December you say? Well, happily for us and sadly for you, it's our December. You see we live on a little slice of Paradise where it never gets below 62, and we don't have to worry about digging the car out of snow and putting on a gazillion layers like most of you do.  It also means that between June and November we are on high alert for hurricanes and it is awfully hot - run around naked type of hot.

Playing with sticks and cut grass.
Anyway.. back to what Friday means to us.  It means PE Day with the "guys" as C calls them, have a friend over to play with after PE, and bake, and craft, and just have fun day.  Every other week we start our weekend early and it's GREAT!  A gets to play with friends, C gets to play with friends, and Mommy gets to play with friends :)   Then we all go home and relax or do chores, or in our case today, bake a cake.

I did say sweaty right?
A has a friend over and C is busying doing 2 year old stuff while I am in the kitchen baking a baby shower cake.  It is a relaxing way to slide into the weekend. No pressures to get stuff done, no worries if we don't finish our work for the day. Well, except for getting the cake done, a triple layer dark and white chocolate masterpiece for a baby shower this weekend.  It's my first paid for by someone else cake and I am working my heart out on it.  If all goes as planned, this will be the first of many, if not - hey it was fun!

This weekend is spectacularly busy for us, horseback riding for A tomorrow morning, then a friend over, then later that night our church's Advent festival where the kids are going to craft, eat, and sing their hearts out, then Christmas is Spoken Here at the Botanical Gardens on Sunday.  So this Friday is truly needed, it is a perfect day for the start of a perfect weekend full of activities.

Gotta Love Fridays!

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